LIVE DEBATE: Western Democracy Is Threatening Suicide

18 thoughts on “LIVE DEBATE: Western Democracy Is Threatening Suicide”

  1. Fucking lefties. The suicide of western civilisation is the departure from rational and logical thinking, encapsulated in the emotional response these people have to populism, Trump, the rise of the far right… These lefties are offended by these groups instead of looking at the root causes of these effects, and developing solutions to bring these groups back from the brink as they would see it. Idiots I say! Idiots!

  2. Stunning. Left vs. Far Left. Some debate. Bwhahhaaaaa. Obama, Hillary & Comey are their choice to save Democracy ! They trampled the Constitution for decades. FBI is fabulously corrupt. Hillary a serial felon. Trump will be re-elected in a historical landslide. These pompous buffoons live in an echo chamber.

  3. I enjoyed seeing that nasty little jew's play on the word "grope" fall flat.  dead silence from the audience and the woman he interrupted was clearly appalled, as any well-bred person would be.  won't these crass jews ever learn that their filthy mouths (and filthy minds) are repellent to gentiles?

  4. Please be aware that this thread is almost certainly pumped full of comments from Vladimir Putin's propaganda unit.

  5. Come on, Our government is dumping toxic waste into our water, and tells us it's good for us. 90% of the fluoride put into our water is chemical waste derived from the mining and affiliated industry.

  6. Democracy was dead before Mellenials were born, and definitely doesn't exist today. Corporations have constitutional rights and can donate unlimited money to political campaigns. Our food is GM and we don't even have the right to know, because the general public believes this is a democracy. They watch TV, and then go vote like they're told completely against their own rights. That is proof right there that the majority will go with the UNFREE PRESS ignorantly. This is constant.
    Petrodollar Wars!!; The World According To Monsanto; Arctic Methane Monsters Rapid RIse; Legalize Democracy; just spend enough time reading history and it becomes obvious why democracy has BEEN dead. It's all a lie.
    "The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and monied incorporations"-Thomas Jefferson 1816
    They warned us about the banks, and this system over and over again in history, yet just a few months ago I saw history repeat itself with the Dakota Access PipeLine. Just 1 of many.

  7. That ladies first argument was really good I have to say and full disclosure I'm pro Democracy but yeah that was a damn good argument she made, my opinion .

  8. The problem is not the system. It is actually our mind is sick. We think we own everything regardless of already knowing everyone die eventually. Lets take no ownership and try our best to love one and others.

  9. It's sad that the concept of Justice wasn't discussed. A pure democracy is a mob. The Greeks gave that up. Building democracy is more than equal vote, it is how is justice decided.

  10. The biggest problem with democracy is the following: in the election of a president, one's ability to execute the duty of the presidency should be the most important issue, i.e., administrative skills. But this issue is often overlooked. The election is decided on irrelevant issues such as one 'a stands on abortion, on gun control, and so forth. That is why democracy could hardly ever elect a great president

  11. This isn't a debate, it's a bunch of globalist's whining that their agenda was rejected. There is a threat to democracy, and thats the violent agitators of Antifa, the desire for collectivist government power, the subjective enforcement of laws and borders. Similarly, what this entire panel seems to forget, America is not Europe. Our founding fathers were just as worried of sovereign tyranny as they were about mob tyranny as seen in the French revolution.

  12. The claim that Trump's supporters are supportive of the Constitution is erroneous. They generally support the 2nd Amendment and the exceptions of the 13th Amendment, they typically object to the first amendment – especially as it applies to Muslims, and the 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 15th and 26th Amendments as they apply to ethnic minorities,

  13. The irony of elites lamenting the threat to democracy of election results they don't like is completely lost on these people.

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