Looking at the Cost of a House

Of course right now Jan and I have an apartment, but we have been looking to save enough money to get our first house for a long time. In fact we have a lot of money going out, but my car is paid off now and we are saving up the money we do not spend on it. I have been doing research to figure out what our costs will be, for instance this website will let you figure out what the electric rates are, which is important if you are counting pennies. In fact we are thinking that if we could ever get a house we would probably be in vastly better condition once we got things in order. Of course the key is to get the down payment, which is not really going to be as much money as we thought it might be in all cases. Some of the places we are looking at are a great deal less than we were expecting. Of course there are reason why they do not cost so much.

Most of all the reason a place is cheap has to do with the location being poor. Of course there is a limit to how bad a location we want. You obviously do not want to live some place where there are a lot of problems and the location is bad to put it bluntly because you have too many poor people. Of course people who have no money do things that are desperate, like crimes and that sort of thing. Of course what you really worry about is things like gang activity and drug violence. You definitely do not want to buy a house and then find out you are in the middle of a shooting war between gangs and such.

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