Looking for a Deal on an IPad

I have already done a little bit of my Christmas shopping, but I am going to hold off on the most expensive things that I am looking to get. Personally I sort of think that all of Apple’s products are over priced and overrated, but my girlfriend is one of those people who has to have them. I think a lot of it is just prestige related, but never the less I am going to wait to see the Cyber Monday iPad deals and try to find some place that has a better price than what I am seeing at this moment. It is probable that the latest models are going to be stuck at a certain price range. That is just how it is going to be and there is not going to be that much I can do about it. Of course the hope is that you find a place that is using what you want as a price leader.

Obviously that is the trick that they use to get you in the door. Usually you see the incredible price on one or two items and when you get there, there are literally one or two of these things. So you have to be the first in line when the doors open up on Black Friday and then you have to fight the other people, all of whom know exactly how this game is played and intend to get the great deal even if they have to gouge your eyes out for it. I am not down for that. The Friday after Thanksgiving I am going to sleep in and let everyone fight all that they want to get the best deals at a real life store. Instead I am going to try to do all of that on the web.

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