1. Andrew revealed truth why Gaddafi was killed. is N Koreas bank under Rothschild's. Was Hitler evil or trying to rationalize crazy reparations imposed by Rothschild's via Allies. Every evil man in History seems to be scapegoated. Lincoln apparently did not go to war to abolish slavery but because of Rothschild debt? then killed for Greenbacks?

  2. shows how stupid all you are. No war , no weapons to sell. Jews only want money. stupid goiyums! 20 trillion debt owed to jew bankers GOD you are hella dumb people. Crime up, Poverty up, Profits for Jews UP!

  3. According to Japanese Intellect, North Korea still don't have MIRV- ICBM (the Inter Continental Ballistic Missile)…..it is on the way though……..he think, it will take a while………..however what I think is that North Korea or Chinese, they are known to bluff enemy trying to get what they want from US…….think of poker player……….and because of those behavior US has been fooled quite often by China in a pass………..they are totally different species than Empire of Japan that you fought against at WW2!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are mixed up all those!!!!!!!!!! it's your own fault………

    what North Korea wants is that bring US President on the same table to negotiate and get what he wants( it wants to be like China that Globalist had given many years ago…)………….BE WARN!!!!!!!!!!! meanwhile, you got to be a good poker player to smash NK when it still not capable attacking US!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ,,, the Americans turned out to be "DUMMIES" by not dropping a nuclear bomb on North Korea.
    ,,, all talk and no action – Yakiti yakiti yak!;)

  5. I am sure I know what TRUMP and PUTIN must have chatted about pertaining to N.Korea. Still would delighted to be a fly on that wall.! Only if the situation goes HOT can this course of action be rolled out. And, I don't at all want to spoil the surprise.

  6. Give that little fat fuck time to build more ICBMs and then ask him not to use them! Great plan!!

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