20 thoughts on “Maria SHARAPOVA vs Simona HALEP Highlights US OPEN 2017 ᴴᴰ”

  1. The Queen is Back!!! Queen of doping. she may win the US open again and other slam but her reputation as a doper can not be altered by victories. Hope that ITF is not going to award her the Hall of Fame award in the future because she's going to be a disgrace in the list of the honorable hall of fame such as Seles, Graf, Clijsters, Davenport, Evert, Navratilova and many more who played fair and square… I don't hate her because i think she is great player and fun to watch a real fighter inside the court but being tested with performance enhancing drugs is like betrayal of sportsmanship and should be penalized for the rest of her career. its really unfair for other players that could have won the titles she won when she was under the meldonium hype. she said there's nothing that can stop her to fulfill her dreams, yes that's positive thinking but to the point that she cheated is like unforgiving for sports, Good thing she is popular and crowd drawer that the US Open gave her wildcard, well as usual they are after the profits. 🙁

  2. I play tennis, it is now my passion, but to see this cheat play. I feel dejected and cheated by this fucking business people. This US Open is business. WHY NOT BOYCOTT THIS FUCKING CHEAT. I HATE HER…

  3. “Behind all these Swarovski Crystals and little black dresses, this girl has a lot of grit and she’s not going anywhere.”

    Maria Sharapova, thug life.

  4. Forgot how great tennis was played. Maria is incredible. Just wish her opponent wasn't Simone who I really like. Maria liked beautiful and played great.

  5. Meldonium is not dope at all, because it is weaker than children's vitamins. Russian willpower – this is a real dope.

  6. I have nothing against Maria because to err is human, to forgive divine. But what I found painful is the media double standard. Just like Maria Sharapova, Justin Gatlin was suspended for doping. He served his ban and returned to the game. He learnt his lesson and continues to work hard. His reward came when he defeated Usain Bolt in the last 100m final at World Championships. Sadly, the media began to write trash about him. So much hatred, bias and inhumane act towards Gatlin as if none of their favorite sportsmen/women has never taken any banned drug in the past. After Sharapova won yesterday, I was expecting to see similar headlines/news the media put out when Justin Galin won. These are the headlines I saw when Gatlin won:
    1) Former drug cheat defeats Usain Bolt in the 100m race
    2) Usain Bolt beaten in last solo race as drug cheat Justin Gatlin gatecrashes world 100m final
    3) Drug cheat beats Usain Bolt in 100m at London 2017 and so on.

    These are news/headlines after Maria win over Simona:
    1) Maria Sharapova wows US Open crowd
    2) Maria Sharapova upsets Simona Halep in first Grand Slam match since suspension
    3) Sharapova shocks Halep in blockbuster US Open debut
    4) 2006 champion Maria Sharapova knocked out the No.2 seed Simona Halep in a three-set thriller to close out a blockbuster Day 1 at the US Open.

    So, why has the media failed to write exactly what they put out when Gatlin or previous dopers won. Something like: Former drug cheat Maria Sharapova defeats Simona Halep in blockbuster US Open debut? Double Standard I guess?

  7. Stop pulling the drug shit again and again and over again. That's old news. Get over it. Maria is an excellent tennis player,the best of the era after Serena and the best you can do is stop bitching around and enjoy some quality women tennis that we haven't watched for a while.

  8. im sure she wont win this us open 2017 if shes not taking drugs again if shes taking drugs ofcourse shes gonna win cos serena is not here and also shes become so powerful when she take s drugs

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