15 thoughts on “Mature Lashes: How To Wear False Eyelashes For Grown Women/ Two Ways”

  1. When I use false eyelashes I get demi lashes. They are shorter in length and fit the size of my eye much better than regular length lashes. Basically your doing the same thing only cutting a regular pair in half. I love the gentle look of these "mature" lashes. Good job!

  2. Those lashes were beautiful. I just can't get mine to work, so I started using careprost and my lashes have grown so well I don't need false lashes now…love ya xoxo

  3. I appreciate your video, but I've been trying to wear false eyelashes for over 40 years…..NOT HAPPENING! Until I heard of the "under your eyelash" hack. It worked on the first try, and now I wear them everyday! Wish I would have known this years ago. Btw, you are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hate to inform u but 'the bump' shows on your inner left. Love your humor. Lighten the lip color a bit.

  5. I think you are supposed to cut from the out side not the inside, so you are keeping the shorter lash to the inside to match your natural lashes.

  6. I've never had expensive lashes. I simply cannot imagine just being able to wear them only 20 or 30 times. I toured in a show and we did 10 shows per week and I wore the same pair for an entire tour (a year).I've made them last for 2 tours. I'm simply in shock that pros cannot make a pair of great lashes only 30 times. I used regular Duo surgical adhesive. What did I do wrong or right?

  7. What’s your opinion on the new magnetic eyelashes??? Have you tried them?..what’s your option of them?.

  8. Thank you Monique for my first lesson in applying false eyelashes. You made it very easy to learn from. Where do you buy the glue on the stick?

  9. So pretty! I've never worn lashes, but really want to try for my wedding anniversary coming up on NYE. You've given me a boost to try!

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