10 thoughts on “MEDCottage, A Tiny House Designed for The Elderly, Amazing Small House Design”

  1. So a couple things I notice:  no stove, I definitely have more than TWO personal care items I would want to store in my bathroom, seems like a lot of wasted space in the upper/ceiling area (lighting is nice, but this are could be better used) and is there just a washer and no dryer?  Also, does this unit only accommodate a twin/hospital bed?  Too small for this girl.  Good for some, but not me.

  2. I would love to see clean and safe housing developments based on these designs—maybe with a microwave or such and a small wardrobe for clothes.  After all you wouldn't need much if everything is already packed to go on cruises all the time ;)—NOT!  When you get older you realize that you wasted decades collecting "things" that are only like dead albatrosses around your neck.  Why not downsize and finally get-to-live-a-little????

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