17 thoughts on “Mellow – Elton John (Honky Chateau 2 of 10)”

  1. Best LP Elton ever did. Thank you Elton John for getting Leon Russell into rock and roll hall of fame. RIP Leon R.

  2. So young to explore honky tonk and yet what we got was nothing less of a Master peice from 1 of the masters(No Pun!)of my youth and argueably of the seventies. Many a times listening to this album as a kid, bought it with my first job.

  3. what you hear and think you hear, is, in fact, Jean Luc Ponty infamously playing his electric violin through a Leslie cabinet (the same as a Hammond organ) It is a high powered horn speaker mounted on a platform that spins (faster or slower) via a foot pedal control – it makes the violin sound like a Hammond organ

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