11 thoughts on “Michael Jackson – Threatened (Audio)”

  1. My Top MJ Songs:
    1. Bad
    2. Leave Me Alone
    3. Come Together
    4. You Rock My World
    5. Unbreakable
    6. Beat It
    7. Threatened
    8. Speed Demon
    9. Billie Jean
    10. Rock With You

  2. Incredible mysterious intro of Rod Serling, the heavy sound of Rodney's synthesizers arrive, we enter another dimension

    on the verse, Michael tells a disturbing story accompanied by a creepy keyboard & guitar quite discreet, we hear in the background keyboards to accentuate an impression of fantasy and drama

    in the chorus, everything becomes powerful again and deafening but Michael plunges into anguish in the end of the verse

    Jerkins adds horror sounds like crows in the 2nd verse but he keep the same recipe as in the first verse

    Rod speaks of a disturbing monster ! is it Michael ?

    The bells recall the anguish of the victims of this monster with drama keyboards like ghostly voices

    The 3rd chorus is even more powerful, damned souls dance around Michael ?!

    In the bridge, moder sound effect of electro R&B, to remind us that Invincible is a modern album

    The last chrous, always more power with all these synthesizers

    Rod concludes the track with this mystery in a laboratory

  3. The man in the background do not looks like mj.
    The ticket for Michael Jackson's 30th anniversary was of 5000$ dolars with a dinner with mj and a signed poster and the fans would be very lucky and happy who had it but I am 11 year old and I was born on 13th of February 2006 one minute same day as Michael Joseph Jackson .Jr aka Prince yeees I am lucky.

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