15 thoughts on “Michael Page (debut) vs Jonathan Castano 2017-10-20”

  1. He has an enormous talent to mine. I must say though that I am not impressed by this win. We'll see when he fights a winning fighter with talent at least close to his.

  2. Когда-нибудь его поставят против нормального бойца? Или так и будет продолжаться эта клоунада? Друзья?

  3. I Would like to propose ( Connor McGregor Vs Michael Page ) Get in the ring together. They can pick which ring. "Boxing/MMA" most likely MMA. Now That would be a slight Challenge for MVP, if not too much. but a good start. not this waste of time.

  4. This was not even fare, i got bored. Who's this guy he's fighting. he couldn't even defend himself. Throw Something. WTF. I feel bad for Page. This was the lamest challenge ever. it wasn't even a challenge, it was more like a get it done and move on type of fight for him.

  5. Page would get eatin alive against anyone with decent head movement. Castano just sat there waiting to eat the right.

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