17 thoughts on “Mike O’hearn Says Real Men Do Painful Exercises At Awkward Angles!”

  1. i have to say that i can't agree with jason in that, which is quite rare. he showed us just his typical stereotypical thinking which is just his opinion. he showed us that he really doesn't understand bb and bb's training. some things what he said are real bullshit for me and clear ideology of his simple wholebody training. want to mention that all old old strong men and first bodybuilders started with whole body training (and compound movements) but they found its limitations and moved to improve their trainings. and what mike does obviously works. i would ever bet on practise against theory. what jason showed us is pure rhetoric. if he would said that he tried mike's training (in relevant time period!)and found it wrong ok. but this is pure theory. and i really doubt that he is right because mike has results. not just he looks good but he is also strong and in good condition. considering his age, it is pretty unique, and natty or not, he have to do at least something properly. and although his training methods are sometimes very untypical or strange, one must admit that it has to be something in it. who can't agree in that has no common sense imho. really, from this angle of view jason, your videos are just negativity. you should finally consider to pick up good things from other people's videos and try to popularize them. it would be definitely better for fitness comunity and your viewers. one couldn't take anything new to incorporate into his own life and training from videos like this, there is no real inspiration…

  2. I had a friend of mine absolutly argue with me about him being a natural.I can't deal with stupid people.

  3. What do you think of the top diet "gurus" promoting fiber supplementation as essential? They recommend 2-3 servings a day of a $30 30 serving tub to deal with indigestion probably caused by the fart powders they pimp. Are fiber supplements useful at all if you eat a whole food diet with plenty of vegetables?

  4. Hey Jason could you give us some good strength programs or make a video about the more common ones such as 5/3/1 etc?

  5. You should do a video tearing apart that worthless piece of shit known as Mac Trucc. Still creating hate vids about Rich Piana even though the guy is dead!

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