18 thoughts on “Model Rocket Engine In A Vacuum Chamber – 4K Slow Motion – will it burn?”

  1. Allow me one question: Does the camera actually record slow motion sound or do you just add some effects?

  2. I like how the pressure differential that the expanding exhaust gases cause make the smoke travel to the front of the rocket.

  3. Interesting. It looks like the exhaust stream doesn't expand much more than it does at atmospheric pressure. I half expected it to expand out much quicker due to the lack of pressure. Guess it makes sense, though, because the exhaust is moving so fast that its own pressure can't really push the gas apart much faster. You really do learn something new every day.

    Also, I wonder why the rocket engine burned so much faster at low pressure. In many cases, a higher pressure is exactly what allows these reactions to happen much faster… and the rocket engine itself has several atmospheres of pressure inside it, so the outside pressure shouldn't have had much effect. Really curious as to what's going on here.

  4. I see it coming "If there was a vacuum, why were we able to hear the rocket? Sound needs air to travel". Its coning guys, take my word for it!

  5. The earth is nor round or flat, it is a cube just like in minecraft!!! Dont argue i know i am right!!

  6. Considering the chemicals in the rocket fuel provide their own oxidizer, of course it will burn in a vacuum. So not only are flat earthers bad at physics and math, they're bad at chemistry as well.

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