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How To Find Satellite TV For Your PC and Save Every MonthFrom browsing, I found a television provider that was in my price range. I was new to having a provider, because for years I had been using only over the air TV. Eventually, I got tired of this, because there were so many new shows coming out that wouldn’t make their way to over the air TV for many years, if at all. I could have tried to watch them on the Internet, but some of them were only available to those who had a television subscription, and the only other way I would watch them was illegally, which I didn’t want to risk.

Not only did I get to watch new shows, but I got to watch movies as well. Just like with the shows, many movies come on over the air TV after a few years, but waiting for these movies takes forever. Not all of the movies come, and when they do come, sometimes they have content cut from them to fit into the TV schedule, or to comply to FCC standards. Certain scenes have to be edited or certain words have to be muted because they aren’t allowed to be shown on over the air TV. It really annoyed me when I would try to watch certain things and I woudln’t get the scene entirely because of cut content.

Finally, I can get all oft he sports that I want to watch. Only certain games came on regular TV. It was mostly the local games, with some other games sprinkled in, but now I can watch games from any region, and even from any country. There isn’t as big of a following for soccer here and it rarely comes on regular TV, but now I can watch all of the games that happen in the European countries.

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