19 thoughts on “MOST OP FLYING SHIP! (Whatever Floats Your Boat)”

  1. CEdgeBlox He built up with planks (Kinda like minecraft) then he made his ship (Again like minecraft) But the reason why you can't fly it is because the game realizes he is in the air and brings him down

  2. the boat can float very easy they build a flat bottom to make it float and then they build a tall wall to the sky then build a base up there then they delete the wall and it float but you must put a teleport spawn on there or you cant get up there!

  3. TIP: if a part of your boat break, press c and click on the blue part and it will repair or fix it back!!!!

  4. PLAY ARCANE ADVENTURES, make it a series. (the game is kinda buggy sometimes, but regardless its great!)

  5. I LOVE THAT GAME! I BUILT A AIRCRAFT carrier THE SIZE OF THE MAP! And wth they added Cannons? Lol the best gun was the ak 47 and that was basically the Cannon, also built a Normal pirate ship, need to finnish it. I should build a working sub now, re surface and shoot the cannons when wanted or BUILD THE DUTCH MAN SHIP! imma add soooo mnay cannons
    Edit 8: Man i should make a Space ship, OR THE ALIENSHIP FROM BATTLEHSIP!
    Man thats gonna look cool
    Edit 10: im going to make videos of it on my other channel!
    man thats gonna look cool!

  6. hey cedge. i know ur a big YTer and stuff but I would LOVE it if u friended me. My bday is today and my username in RB is SwanPlayzRB i’ve always been a nugget

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