11 thoughts on “Murder suspect Steve Stephens dead after police pursuit in PA”

  1. Throw is Dead Ass in the Local Land Fill a Grave is to good for Crap like him, The Old man did not have to Die like he did but Steve Stephens was a Coward and took the easy way out, My he Burn I Hell.


    I live in the Erie area In Harborcreek Pennsylvania and I know everything about this shit. I saw the video on Easter Sunday and saw that he was on the run towards Erie so I freaked the fuck out. On Saturday I woke up checked twitter, and saw he stopped by the harborcreek Walmart to drop his phone off so they couldn't track him and that was 10 minutes away from me. There was reports he fled to Philadelphia but they were false and he was apparently in the area the whole time. And then today when i was at school I saw that he commuted suicide on buffalo road in the city of Erie. A couple minutes before that he stopped at the harborcreek McDonald's which is 5 MINUTES AWAY FROM ME to get nuggets and fries but didn't wait for the fries because he knew the employees were on to him. But the funny thing is, the person who was running the drive-thru was my FRIENDS MOM! She called the state police and got that son of a bitch in a chase and then the little coward killed himself – the end

  3. thank you Jesus he's dead do u know how scared ppl was to come out of their house when can't be safe walking up the street

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