17 thoughts on “Must Watch Laura Ingraham Nail It On DACA Decision Mr President Remember Who Elected You”

  1. I am so fucking tired of hearing them say, he was elected president and he is doing what he said he would do. That is bullshit. Now that he president of the United States he represents the people who didn't vote for him. He lost miserably by the popular vote and that does mean something. The Electoral College is bullshit and they know it. In fact he is doing the bidding for a minority group. Most presidents move towards the center because they can't please everyone so they compromise. That's called making an Adult Decision. By moving towards the middle you are doing what the majority of America wants you to do. Fair and balance.

  2. I'm not completely heartless but being an American is also a mindset. I'm not opposed to offering DACA to children who arrived before the age of 5yr, not 12 year old's. Also, if your a DACA kid who joined the Miltary, you should be the exception. Many think they all come from Mexico, that's also incorrect. I think DACA is way to easy and needs to be resolved.

  3. Think about it, all these dreamers are crying a river of tears about the possibility of being deported. Yet, their parents came here illegally, and we as the American public didn't ask them to come here. So by proxy we should feel sorry because they didn't have a choice-(Dreamers). The truth of the matter is this; they grew up and attended school, college & obtain jobs. During any period of time since they have been here, they could have figured a way to apply for citizenship-(join the military is one way). They didn't. Now they want us to feel sorry for them and negate the laws of this country and look the other way. Through the Reagan administration, up to the Obama administration, how many times were they given amnesty to apply for citizenship. 2 or 3 times. They didn't. If the democrats are so worried about the injustice and cruelty of deporting these individuals, why didn't they pass some type of amnesty legislation when they controlled congress and the presidency. They didn't. Now it's a big deal for all the illegals, democrats and fake news media to put forth all these sob stories when they don't question the personal responsibility these individuals should have taken on their own, and applied for citizenship. The well has run dry. The own personal responsibility for becoming legal is their own fault.

  4. Lol americans wants to go to schools and have jobs blah blah blah.
    We go to school, and get jobs as americans, majority of us support daca, its the minority of racist white supremacist who are against it and make pathetic excuses.

    I am sick of hearing these people crying about some one to be deported & their whining about being separated from their family. They can take their familes with them. Our ancestors fought & and died for our freedom. Go home and fight for your own freedom like we did. Freedom isn't free!! Go make your own country free. We can't let our country become a THIRD WORLD Dumping ground for any other country. COUNTRIES like the places you ran away from. Go Home. And Stay there ! They are not protected under any law in the U.S. The kids should go back with their parents. They weren´t afraid to separate their familiy &, to leave their family back in Mexico and other countries to sneak into this country!!

  6. They are not "dreamers", they are illegal immigrants. Coming up with a fuzzy feel good name to describe illegal immigrants does not change the fact that the parents broke the law and brought them here illegally. Obama started this mess illegally and said even then that this was temporary. Now Trump is coined as the bad man for having to fix it. Everyone knew that Trump spoke about ending DACA before he was elected. The people elected him President. The democrats needed the votes and thought this would help. Didn't work. We are not going to trample on the constitution so that illegals can "dream".

  7. those illegals that supposedly hurt the poor black, Hispanic, and white people just so happen to be their relatives. a shit ton of them come from mixed status families. there are daca children of citizen parents also. so laura, your assertion is invalid.
    1 more thing, you can't apply if you had 3 misdemeanors, it's if you had a minor misdemeanor and it's up to the discretion of the DHS officer who examines their application, because DACA is a consideration, not a right. Even if you qualify for everything you can still be denied. Check it.

  8. since daca recipients were brought in as children (children cannot enter contracts since they lack prudence) they didn't violate the law any more than a victim of human trafficking brought into the USA, and those victims get legal status by default.

  9. the daca recipients face a 5, 10, or life time bar as a penalty for a violation they didn't commit. some of them don't even have a birth certificate in the country of their birth and so end up with illegal status all over again, they'd be a person without a state. then said country might want to deport them back to the USA, they'd be in legal limbo. if the congress removed this hurdle, i'm sure they'd be happy to leave and then return.
    this is a technical case so let it play out in the government and the courts.

  10. If people thought like Trump his grandparents would have never been allowed into the country. His supporters talk about this a Land of Laws, but support someone who consistently ignore the laws. Pardons those who break the law if it support his cause.

  11. the only answer to Illegal immigration is deportation we can't let 800000 jobs be taken by people from South of the Border.

  12. People need to remember that 95 percent our past immigrants have come into the SU by conforming with the immigration laws. Most countries had a limit on the number of immigrants that were allowed into our country. Almost anyone 50 or younger has no idea of what our immigration laws have been over the years. We need to get back to teaching our young people the facts that our country stands on. Not about the birds and bees and gender assignment. Parents should be teaching their kids the facts of life when they see the need for this. Schools should be teaching the shills that are needed to be an independent and productive individual. If young people do not get the knowledge from their parents then additional classes should be available upon request. Not mandatory. We have whole generations of adults that do not have the skills to function in our society. A lot of teachers find things to present to their students, like their personal political viewpoints. They don teach what the laws are but their ideas of what they think the laws should be. Most schools have taken civics out of their curriculum. So adults do not know how or why the government functions.

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