12 thoughts on “MUST WATCH: Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders VITAL White House Press Briefing of The New Year”

  1. Sarah Huckabee you are brilliant and do not gave up, America is slowly moving forward to make it great again. Just send the Muslims back where they come from Urgently

  2. It's not a tax cut for the working class, or the working poor it's a forced loan that must be paid back with interesst under threat of penalties. Why can't Sarah be honest.

  3. Nice to see these fake news reporters beginning to learn some manners & treating Mrs Sanders with the respect she deserves

  4. President Trump is now being referred to as the 'World Leader', not just the leader of the free world or the U.S. The tide is turning my friends.

  5. Fuck off keep going on about playing golf ffs. Trump has worked true wonders, if he gets them from networking by playing golf it's even better.. these journalists cooed over Obummer who achieved fuck all. Yet continually moan on negatively about everything Trump does…. yawn

  6. Get the swamp and the Killary, Obama, Soros, bush pedophile Deep state spineless cunts. Praying for president Donald Trump. MAGA

  7. Yes you idiot there is a deep state and yes they are trying to destroy Trump…

    The worst part is that people don’t have enough common sense to realize that destroy Trump is destroying the will of the people and they are just trying to destroy the United States and bring us into a one world government under control of a evil cartel…

    Let’s start the new year off with not allowing reporters that don’t know how to research the facts and what’s going on in the United States to have a microphone to spread their evil agenda and cover up crimes….

    anybody with just 1 ounce Of common sense and a knowledge for morality would know that this country is in big trouble regardless of any tax cut plan that Donald Trump was able to push through the Congress

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