My Boys Wanted to Watch Football

When we moved to New York, my sons were very accommodating with everything, even though I had just moved them nearly 400 miles from the only home they had known up to that point. They did have one request for me though, and that was for me to look into getting DirecTV in New York. They knew that the chances of them getting their football games on a local network channel was only going to happen if their team was playing in prime time or if the local NFL team was playing against their team.

I had never really been a fan of the game myself, but I knew what it meant to both of my boys. I had no problem getting them what they wanted, no matter the cost. I figured in order for them to get the games they wanted to see, we would end up paying a premium price for it. They had explained that DirecTV is the only programming provider with the rights to air any and all NFL games, no matter the location. When I contacted a rep from DirecTV, I was really surprised to see that they would be able to get their football package for free for the first year.

Because we were new customers, we were eligible for all kinds of special promotions, and their Sunday NFL Ticket was one of the things we were able to get at no additional charge. While I would not be watching that myself, I knew that I would enjoy the three free months of premium movie channels that we were also given. The best part about getting DirecTV, other than the football package for the boys, is the price. Even when my promotional prices are over with, I am still going to pay less than I ever have for TV programming before.

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