11 thoughts on “My brother tries jail food for the first time”

  1. Let Chunky brother come to my house n fix my phone/internet!!! Bet I answer that door with jusss a robe on!!!!!!!!

  2. Omg…. My husband worked in a prison in Ohio and when we met he made me a thing called a chi chi… Or a break… It was ramen noodles, no broth, cut up chicken tenders, Doritos, hot sauce, taco sauce, and cheese all mixed up. I thought he was fuckin crazy…. But OMG that was so good. We still make em 8 yrs later. Lol

  3. Lmao I'm trying to understand the ramen and eggs in the sandwich? Like I would fuck it up with everything else. Shit you could make another meal by putting the egg in the ramen.

  4. Is it different in every prison ? My husband was in Memphis, even though we live in Phoenix & he said all they made was weird shit out of corn bread. He would only eat maruchan Lol . There was only like 3 Mexicans in there with him .

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