11 thoughts on ““NARROW-MINDED Group of People Pushing TRUMP against the DREAMERS””

  1. media lies again. all those who have applied for daca will not get kick off or deported, but they better apply and sign up before the bill EXPIRES in 6 months.

  2. Trumps wants illegal immigrants..ya know the rapists and murderers out…legal immigrants out..and now those who've basically swore allegiance to the country to be basically better than native born citizens here…educated, law abiding, contributing Americans..yeah they gotta go t0o in his view…hmm…Trump voters…have you researched the illegal immigration rates for yourselves or are you just going by Trump and FOX? Both of which have a male superiority complex..look at all the scandals. Cardona is right..there was a bill to fix this but a REPUBLICAN blocked it…that's noones fault but that Republican….now these ppl, that NO FEDERAL COURT has come out during all of this and said yeah they gotta go…,now they have to face deportation to God knows where because their parents did most likely what ALL of our ancestors did to get here..Sad

  3. Trump made a lot of promises and he changed on almost all of them you idiot! And the biggest promise at almost every stop along the campaign trail was Mexico will pay for the wall and idiots like this guy cheered and believed him! How's that working out. Oh and let's not forget this one I will not cut Medicare your insurance will be cheaper and better, for everyone! Except for the 20 million that won't have any! On and on the list goes!

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