9 thoughts on “NBA 2k18 vs NBA LIVE 18 THE UNBIASED TRUTH”

  1. Is it me or 2k18 hard as Fuck on pro and the computer barley miss a shot and u can't even make a layup or open jumper!!!!

  2. I give you some reasons why Live 18 is better.

    1) EA Sports are listening to the community and putting up updates like this week.

    2) Gameplay is better.

    3) Presentation

    4) Keep grinding your player to level up your player .

    5) No VC

    6) Online is smooth.

    7) It's cheaper than 2k18 AKA 2K17.5 Go get it at Best Buy for $29.99 if you are a Gamer Zone member.

    8) Last It's just fun.

    Keep bring the heat son.

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