17 thoughts on “Neil Degrasse Tyson: “If you’re scientifically literate the world looks very different to you””

  1. He approaches science as his religion and does not allow for any thought
    outside of his box. He believes that science and your religion are
    mutually exclusive but, his religion of science and most science is
    mutually inclusive.

    It's an approach taken by many atheist. You're ignorant and they're enlightened. It's also hypocrisy. Then they'll quote some ignorant belief they/he learned from an ignorant and backwards human that happens to be Christian to support his/their theory.

    Of course only Christianity and not any of the many other religions. Partly b/c they fear them. I think that comes from the fact that many Christians laid the foundation to his science and he resents that fact.
    It's not much different than the people that hate America even though it gave them their education and allows them the freedom to act and speak out against it.

    All through time religion and science have co existed until the 60s when , suddenly that changed. Coincidently the same time Congress and tthe Supreme court began to outlaw teaching of the Bible in schools.

    The sad part is you can teach the scientific and historical authenticity of the Bible w/o ever touching on the religious aspects. It is the most accurate book of antiquity in the world.
    Yet, their belief system cheats them of the third demension to life. That's why these intellects are so blind and ignorant. They think they have a lock on intelligence and the rest of us are only saved by lying at their feet in admiration.

    And if i had time I would write almost verbatim the same stereotypical responses i'll get to this post. Children are so predictable.

    Education isn't intelligence and intelligence isn't wisdom.

  2. very, very true. if you understand what's going on, you can find a way to do something about it. if not,, it's a divine act which is absolute and immutable.

  3. "whatever my kids become I want to brainwash them with theories I cannot prove". Sounds good neil, keep it up.

  4. I hate studying ,I would feel ashamed to live n make money from my education .
    I'd rather clean bathrooms.

  5. For me scientific literacy has always been a synonym of independent thought. It's your ability to not take information at face value, but to dissect and make sense of it, to apply it to other similar things, and to decide if this information may be false or if it is true why it is so. 

  6. Here I come to end the argument:

    Why do things exist that "god" doesn't like?

    Why do things happen that "god" says are bad?

    Seems to me that people are trying to shoehorn the preferences of the very limited minds of the rural folk of the bronze ages onto a secular modern society.

    People cherry pick holy books because that's what they had forced on them as children. Please be consistent.

    If you want to personally believe, that's on you. But as soon as your trying to make decisions that effect people that don't share your brain washed ideas you better step up your arguments.

    Welcome to the grown up table, if you don't like what you hear perhaps your not ready.

  7. -"can you name 10"
    -guy names 10 scientists
    -"not a very big list"


  8. Science is great, but there are things science can't answer.  Scientifically literate, …wonderful. but you need spiritual knowledge too.    All knowledge is good, even the esoteric knowledge of faith and belief.  Because even religion, old as it is .
    has some basis in fact somewhere.
    I have a strong feeling one day science and religion  are going to merge and I think everyone will be quite surprised at the result.

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  10. For the sake of clarity, he actually said, " So if physicists don't understand something, that means God did it? Is that how you want to play this game? Because if it is, here's a list of the things in the past that physicists at the time didn't understand. If that's how you want to invoke your evidence for God, then God is an ever receding pocket of scientific ignorance that's getting smaller and smaller as time goes on. That's just simply the god of the gaps arguement.

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