14 thoughts on “New Moon In Aries Ceremony – Spark of Evolution”

  1. PEACE DEALER!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg they just keep getting better and better!!!!!!!!!!!!! with doelow??? I was dancing, yelling out affirmations, crying, laughing, breathing it in, envisioning!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh my heart!!!!!!! I felt EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love this. Feeling the high vibes and appreciating all the woke people tuning in and sharing their super selves. High Priestess Voe here, Daughter of Dionysus.

  3. This was the best yet, even tho I didn't catch it live I felt the energy like a mofo!!! Amazing!!! I am the Magical Manifesting Moon Goddess..a.k.a Luna Suz 4444. I'm very grateful for ALL of you!!! ✌PEACE✌

  4. It's funny because I'm a Scorpio and I weight lift but I never focused on abs before. But now that this New Moon in Aries came around in Scorpio's 6th house, it's really having me focus super hardcore on getting abs, because that's what Virgo's body part is (well intestines). I'm not kidding people, if you have problems with your digestion, do like 1 set of 15 crunches and you will have better results. Let's just say it comes out cleaner and in more solid logs. Hashtag don't knock it til u try it

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