12 thoughts on “New Orleans Saints def. Carolina Panthers – NFL Wild Card Weekend | GMFB”

  1. I didn't have an issue with going on 4th. I just didn't like the play called. All we needed was 2yrds. Something like a quick slant or quick out would've been better. That is 1 int I absolutely didn't have an issue with. Lol, but our defense definitely won this game for us. Our receivers are very young but damn those guys put in work. My hats off to this team and looking forward to getting another shot at Minnesota.

  2. Man Brees tfoh your defense aint win the game , the refs won the game for you. The interception call, the no p.i. call on funchess on the 3rd and 23 pass to the endzone ,and that was not intentional grounding.

  3. GMFB, a.k.a. the New Orleans slurps. How quickly people forget about Minnesota. I guess we'll see whether New Orleans is the "most complete team in the NFL."

  4. First off, mike Adams didn’t pick the ball off, why there was no official review under two minutes??? Intentional grounding, cam was outside the pocket and threw it way pass the line of scrimmage… So why was it called? Let the players play… yet you take the game away from Carolina at the very end

  5. Sean Payton needs to find ways to get Kamara and Micheal Thomas the ball against the Vikings. Brees and the Saints need to just go down swinging next week. Just try new shit to see if the Vikings will bite on some plays.

  6. There were a shocking number of breakdowns by the Panthers D. As good as Thomas was–and he was incredible–he's going to have to be as good again if the Saints want to put up points. But the Saints D isn't quite holding together, which is the real worry. If the Saints play their best game on both sides of the ball, they are the better team, but Vikes are the more complete, consistent and deeper team, and should win.

  7. Vickings away versus a bad bad panthers at home….seriously , how deluded are you people…salty balls brings up kamara againnnnn ..hes looking like gurley..overhyped nd froze in playoffs….
    Saints on the road are a bust

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