16 thoughts on “NEW VOLATILE ENEMY In Dying Light: The Following!”

  1. thank you I've been looking for a video like this. mainly because I encountered one it's stronger and it dissappeares instead of run at morning

  2. That volatile has been in the game for a long time. I've seen them in slums without following

  3. Well yeah these fuckers have higher health and little bit more resist againts the uv lights and they of course are stronger

  4. Eh, slightly larger detection radius, more health, deal more damage, have pointy teeth and are blue, not as much bullshit as the new Goons, though. Those guys stop their attacks mid-swing so you get close, and just to slap and smash you in half a second.

  5. i've played with them in the original and in the following they can see through camoflague, its tougher it does more damage and i think its resistant to uv lights they are crazy strong.

  6. Guys, it's the exact same thing. Nothing special, it's just a small volatile reskin that makes them look cooler and scarier. If this thing had any differences, I didn't notice it.

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