20 thoughts on “NHL Most Painful Blocked Shots”

  1. I once blocked a shot with my cup. It was definitely the most pain I had ever been in. And the shot was a weaker wrist shot from the point! Can't even imagine taking a slap shot to the cup…

  2. 4:42—thank you for putting it in yellow! I wouldn't mind seeing the disturbing content, but what about the ones that don't want to see it? Putting the warning in yellow—or any text for the matter—makes it hard on the eye—unless it's really dark behind it!!

  3. …this is how you can feel hockey eh…taste that puck in the mouth… can't chew it though…the teeth are missing.

  4. the dude at 2:30 holy i cant stop laughing i just thought omfg hahaha that was such a headshot lmfao. this shoot pulls his feets up from the ground

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