13 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Hurt By Cardi B & Quavo, Meek Mill, Mariah Carey’s Bi-Polar Disorder & More”

  1. nicki is not in the game to make money for cardi b also cardi b went on social media about the song now Nicki is doing the same she is entitled to do the same when she choose to pluss cardi b and quavo did the undercover behaviour so they are in the wrong pluss you speak like everyone reacts to things the same way what is petty to you does not mean it should be petty to someone else. You keep judging Nicki by your concept of how she should feel like she should live her life through your eyes. She's not you did you dance the strip pole like cardi b no but you talk like god did not give Nicki free will so you going to be her judge and all you do is put her down but god don't see what you see because he made her a winner and you all heating her for that so bad when she was not top dog you had nothing to say. So now you see her

  2. Kevin please stop! 1. Nicki said If Quvo is QB 2. All of 2017 people were told Nicki changed the verse, & didn't want to shoot the video together. 3. Cardi should have said something, she kept saying she didn't know anything, leaving the impression there was a problem. 4. Quavo never said anything & Nikki feel as though he should have because she was with from the jump.

  3. Makael you are right this is all fake drama that Nicki is drumming up she’s ALWAYS done this everytime other female rapper starts to get a big buzz. Can yall please watch this https://youtu.be/Vll8aUALTOs

    What Nicki is accusing Cardi of doing is EXACTLY what she did to Kim but even worse. Nicki has never acknowledged that Kim jumped on a track with her per the request of Birdman and he asked Kim of he could put Nicki on the song. They ended up not returning Kim’s calls and pulling the record off itunes without her knowing so she never got paid for it. When Kim expressed she was upset, Nicki accused her of being jealous and bitter. SHE NEVER ACKNOWLEDGED THEY DID A SONG TOGETHER.

  4. Cardi doesn’t owe Nicki a damn thing , cardi came in the game humble she told people what she wanted to accomplish and she’s living her dreams , why does she have to kiss nicki’s ass for ? Nicki ain’t pay homage to Kim she stole Kim flow, look and style and NEVER paid homage , and never showed respect now 10 years later while being in the game when she NEVER put on any other women artist , never showed love to older women rappers , she wants respect now or acknowledgment fuck off & this is a common thing for her to she dissed remy first in make love , she made that speech about iggy not writing her raps at the award show , and now she wants cardi to big her up like Nicki please have several seats , oh and btw Barbie things is trash that’s why it’s not doing well on iTunes now the chun li is good

  5. That was sooo bad lol … Guys I think it’s necessary for both of you to do ur own research on the headlining topics of your video. Be well!

  6. The thing with Nicki is, you are “the queen of rap”. part of the reason is because when you can put, no one was doing it, so you didn’t have a lot of competition. That does NOT take away that she is incredibly talented, she can write and flow. She’s definitely a triple threat. She deserves where she’s at. My question is, when Beyonce co signed Rihanna, behind closed doors, how many times have we heard Beyonce demand Rih to say thank you. I think Nicki should have came out and do what she does, rap, she made both those songs about how everyone want to be here, and no one is on her level. Yesssss we know! Now prove why you are the best. Stay in your own lane.

  7. Now I love y’all but, basically everything that was said on the topic of Nicki and Cardi was wrong lol and for everyone else in the comments agreeing with this is blindly led.

    But whatever, y’all can have y’all peace lmaoo

  8. I don't agree with Makael. I agree with Kevin. Nicki has the right to feel the way she feels. You can't tell someone how to feel. What's petty to you is big to me.

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