20 thoughts on “Nigel Farage says Donald Trump has to remove the career politicians”

  1. Totally agree. Trump is outing the career idiots from the clintons and the bush era.
    He's totally re-informing there government.
    No corruption, straight talking and action.
    That's why the uk need farage, id love to know why he is silent?…
    The masses wanted him.

  2. Dear silly liberals moaning in the comments section because they don't like Trump and Brexit: stop whinging and go back to worshipping Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May, despite the pair of them being about as much use as a cat flap in an elephant's house.

  3. No nation deserves a Trump. It doesn't mater what their perceived "sins" are. It's not fair to inflict that kind of damage on a nation.

  4. Can't barrage the Farage, can't stump the Trump and can't fog the Mogg. Lefty globalists have had their day, they just haven't all realised it yet, they're that thick.

  5. Let's be real. The Republican party had no intention of winning anything in November 2016. The plan was candidate Jeb Bush then 8 more years of being the opposition party.

  6. Too right. And my local garage needs to remove all those career mechanics. What about all those medical people clogging up our local hospital – we need to drain the swamp there. Those friggin airlines. They need to get rid of those freakin trained pilots straight away. We are taking back control. We are draining the swamp. We are talking absolute bollocks Mr Farage.

  7. Well be that as it may Nigel Farage but how about you get onto that type in your own English Parliament who had turned against Brexit for Britain ?How many of them have been bought off by the EU and Angela Merkel and I am beginning to think your own ineffectual albeit passionate rantings are just that smoke and mirrors,too.

  8. Is funny to hear Nigel saying ''we should sack MPS'' when his political Party has been SACKED and made completely redundant in the U.K by loosing (ALL)his seats

  9. Nigel is spot on. These politicians are getting in the way of our wants and needs, why? because they are bought off. Simple.

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