9 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Event & Minevention Dublin 2017 | Vlog”

  1. It'd be wonderful if you got more chances to vlog. Maybe there's a few other YouTubers near you that you could befriend & do vlogs together. That's what I do in Dublin. I meet up with vlogger friends & we go for a hike or go to the zoo & vlog together. It's so much easier to do it with other YouTubers around (btw, I'm way behind on uploading so if you were to check me out, apologies for not having examples atm).

  2. false, you have the most beautiful blue eyes! ouwh and have you accept the fact that you swear.

    *insert laughing duck gif

  3. that's not a lot of snow ….. where I live we finally got a warm spell that melted off most of the nearly three feet of snow …. and it's snowing again likely until the end of march

  4. This is gonna sound weird… but I had completely neglected the fact that you had legs until this video. I'm fairly new so I guess I've just never seen video of your legs before… but when I saw you in the mirror I realized that the thought of your legs had just never entered my mind before… Huh.

  5. Ha, mirrors hanging too low, feel my pain 😛
    Also I kinda want one of those post cards D: they look so good :3

  6. Great vlog, False! If you don't know what to do for non-event vlogs, perhaps you could start by showing off some of the nature near you. (A park, lake, etc.) I enjoyed seeing the snow and the robin.

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