14 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch in 2018 – Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Waifus and Retro Studios (Part 1)”


    I want to see Gunvolt from Azure striker gunvolt and Copen. I think having them mixed in with megaman is good because since megaman and the creators of Azure striker Gunvolt are literally the same. Or at least what many people say. I hope they aren't dlc characters and LETS NOT FOGET SHOVEL KNIGHT PPLZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALSO REX AND PYRA OR HIKARI WOULD BE GREAT SINCE ITS A BIG TITLE!!!!!! IMAGINE SHULK SAYING "I'm really feeling it" and the Rex Says " I LIKE YOUR ATTITUDE!" NOT IN ENG DUB THO HE BEST SUITED FOR JAPANESE OR A NEW VOICE OVER WOULD WORK.

  2. That's a pretty good point made about a new possible Smash game, I think a lot of people missed out on Smash 4 and Switch is such an untapped potential for a new Smash because of it's success and timing. I haven't bought a Switch yet mostly because almost all of the currently released games are singleplayer, and I didn't buy a Wii U either so if they added a replayable multiplayer game like Smash I would buy it mainly for that alongside other nostalgia multiplayer games on the Wii like Mario Kart.

    A Pokemon game on the Switch is such a much buy too, it would completely revolutionise the franchise and nothing excites me more than being able to one day play it on the big screen, similar to how on the Wii with Pokemon Battle Revolution it brought the battling so much more to life and if they could incorporate that into a main game after Sun and Moon I'd be sold instantly. Personally, I haven't liked the Pokemon generations since 4 and at a push maybe 5 but that's mostly because I have personal nostalgia with Sinnoh and thought that in comparison to Gen 1 through 4 the new Pokemon designs onwards were almost fanmade in some respects due to how un-Pokemon they looked, but that's subjective and not fair given I never played any of those games either.

  3. I was about to dislike because of clickbait thumbnail, but when i saw waifu in the title, i had
    to give it a like 😛

  4. who cares about a new snash bros game wii u one was perfect just port it we already tested our luck getting that one when sakurai said he wanted melee to be the last one in the series

  5. 13:00 I don't really agreed If it had made 12 games before that I think it was doing quite well whitout it.
    (may be it ''save'' it because they where doing badly whit there last idea POR RD geting not much ads for a game that heavy needed some good had to get ppl to think about it because it was niche it not like Zelda that will get ads just by ppl talking about it…
    Also Probably didn't help to go into 2 remake 1 of the frist game whitout bringing Support mechanique and the second only avaible into Japon…

    What save the IP was much more Good Marketing than any thing else the same way The Switch vs the Wii U Good marketing in the Switch and bad in the Wii U.
    The only think Waifu popularize the IP the same way bad west game MMO try to put alot of sexy women in there game to get more view…
    Fire emblem don't NEED waifu it can be showen by the 12 games before it what it need is like all niche game… A strong Ads champagne and also a good game at it core. (It really like any niche game Exemple Nier automata It don't need 2B to sell what it need is a good game and good ads too.)

    Any way that just my opinions. I just think they are much better whit ads now than they where in the GC, Wii, DS era…
    I really wonder if ppl don't agreed whit that.


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