20 thoughts on “Nothing to do, nowhere to go: 1 in 4 UK youths jobless”

  1. I have an idea if you are unemployed can't pay bills and live in the house with two other folks everyone in the house should do free work for all the utility companies. One person works for the house rental company another work for the gas company and the other one the electric. Someone might have to volunteer at a food bank to get free food. So you can still have your resources and still stay in your home without selling things to help ur side business.

  2. all these problem, just because UK took tooooo many turkish immigrants. They are mostly trash cunt welfare eater.

  3. Q:  If everyone who's not working came together and worked just for each other, with such an enormous workforce, would we even need the Corporations to hire us anymore?  Except that they own property & its resources while most of those not working have nothing.  Ideological & economic considerations put aside, how stupid is this?  Where should we all meet?  What country & its resources would have us all come & be our own self-sufficient workforce, tribe, group, nation, whatever name you want to put on it?  I'm serious.  First smart-ass says N. Korea you're muted instantly.  This is not about ideological battles, this is about poor fkg management – something any green loving capitalist hell bent on total privatization must by their own doctrine accept.  Really poor management.

  4. Then you also have to understand that a lot of business will look up your facebook page too and discriminate against who you are on your own time.Work and play are two different things and what you do on your time off should stay that way because it is in fact no ones business but your own what you chose to do on your free time

  5. That's not what it's about sir,it's about "not enough jobs".To fully understand you need a brain to think about how many people there is in the country and how many people already have job's.Now i am sure millions of youth have spent there time handing out resume's,looking for work and dressing properly to try there best to find work but you have to understand how frustrating it gets when you cannot find a job anywhere because all the positions are taken

  6. Dude I have no idea what your talking about. People who are 'criminalized' usually commit CRIMES.

  7. That all sounds very earth changing and liberal minded, but doesn't it just mean that the young people in our country are spineless and lazy, thinking the 'capitalist world' owe them something.
    Stop talking like homies, buy a suit and tie, learn to write a cv retards.

  8. And I see it's not just me who noticed your laid back "fuck it" attitude in this vid. I'm sure you don't do that while in an interview but this video is out here for ALL to see. This was the once instance you were supposed to be presentable

  9. lool love to see your assumptions.. like you could possibly know how much work/work experience i've done in the past, just because i haven't got a job at the moment it obviously doesn't mean i cant..

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