13 thoughts on “Nozomi OKUHARA vs PUSARLA V. Sindhu Badminton 2017 Japan Open R16”

  1. clash of the titans.so early .so soon.not sure it's a good thing but playing on home ground gives nozomi the added pressure to perform. as mistakes creep up starting of game.but with the civilized japanese crowd that came only to give moral support and not added pressure is assuring. sindhi appears tired in 2nd game.added adantage for Nozomi.

  2. 韓国オープンの決勝で奥原とやって、日も置かずにまたやるってのは、プサルラからすれば、「もぉ~、いや! 疲れるぅ~!おうちに帰ってゆっくり休みたい~!」ってな感じだったのではないか。体が嫌がってるのがハッキリ見て取れた。

  3. Sindhu tired after Win korea open & beat Mintani in first round, I think tough to her met Okuhara after that, because when you met opponent like Okuhara must Fresh & Energic. many self error Sindhu on netting in 2nd match. Hope Both met again next Tournament

  4. I think Sindhu made too few smashes to the sidelines and that made it easier for Okohura with her defense.

  5. Okuhara owned Sindhu. She should have won the Korea Open as well as she was dominating in 3rd set. Mistakes cost her the match and also accidental ‘gift’ in 1st set.

    Once again Nozomi proves she beats again an opponent who’s more than 20cm taller than her with massive height disadvantage.

    Probably the only women’s singles I would watch.

    Learned so much from her superb skills, stamina, fighting spirit and speed. She’s so freaking fast considering how tiny she is on court.

  6. These two just can't avoiding each other,three tournaments in a row they play each other.but great quality each time.

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