16 thoughts on “Null + Void: Where I Wait feat. Dave Gahan”

  1. A genius Uenala. Just listen to the mixes in which he collaborated with Depeche in Delta and Spirit. Honestly, it's the closest thing to having Alan in studio, saving the huge differences, of course. The guy takes a lot from Trip Hop to work. And it is precisely the Trip Hop where Alan Wilder felt most comfortable to work, both with Violator and then with Bloodline. The same with SOFAD and the subsequent Recoil records. it really seems that Ueanala understands that. And he knows how to give them back that tempo, those changes of rhythms and the groove so characteristic that they always use to do.

  2. Wooooow! OMG! It's just PERFECT, FANTASTIC!!!!! Dave is the best as always!! I have many emotionssss am so happy to listen to sth new of Dave, it just sounds so right and super-cooool!

  3. Can't stop listening to this song, Dave's voice is my salvation… My heart beats in that dark beat, great song!!!

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