12 thoughts on “Oceanic Whitetip Shark Bites Diver”

  1. Oceanic white tips will eat anything they perceive as food. Food is anything that isn't trying to eat them. They're probably the only shark that will 100% of the time prey on humans. They're the worst thing you ever want to see if you're stuck in the water.

  2. For something that makes a horrifying mess, they are absolutely gorgeous creatures man…

  3. Observe pectoral fins at the beginning, pointing downward: a known sign of territoriality. Divers should have left.

  4. Why would you be swimming on the open ocean if you know they're sharks , specially if you already saw one , if I was dumb enough to swim on the open ocean at least I'll be smart enough to get the hell out as soon as I saw the shark the first time

  5. It was great until the 2 scripted actors started talking. Shark Week was ruined back in 2014 when they went to scripted nonsense.

  6. You people are food. All carnivores stay alive by being opportunistic. Sharks don't read books on how they are supposed to behave. Don't screw with several million years of evolution & think your ( comparatively) big brain is going to save you.

  7. "It's hard to put ourselves in the mind of that shark, and what the motivation was." What?… So the shark has free will, now?

  8. This whitetip is clearly being very aggressive, it keep swimming back and forth at high speed and almost charge the diver before it attacks, perhaps thinking that humans were its competitors. This type of sharks relied on pilot and false killer whales to find food in open ocean, where food is extremely scarce. Heck, Jaws author even had observed them eating the cetaceans feces.

  9. I'm not sorry he got bitten . People's stupidity! The first few minutes of close encounter would have alerted them to get out of the water . But stupidity has no limits !

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