6 thoughts on “ODEON: Fanatical About Film Ident (1997)”

  1. I've only ever seen this before films like Toy Story 2 and Stuart Little. Shame you came too late.

  2. I saw this intro when I used to go to my ODEON Cinema when I was much younger at the time. I haven't been to a ODEON Cinema in almost 10 Years and its time, I went back.

  3. I believe that Emma Cservenka deserves some credit here. Her input was huge (director?) on all of these idents. I remember that there were some people at WO who were fuming that so much money had been spent on glass and shots of sparks from angle grinders but the clips stood the test of time. The last I heard she is teaching Yoga in the Brighton UK area. A wonderfully creative spirit and fun working with.

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