18 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time – Charming’s dream about Emma 3×14”

  1. Emma's dress is beautiful! I wish I looked that good in a dress (I wouldn't mind dancing with Josh Dallas either). The scene was really weird for me and the part where Emma says 'you failed me' speaks to Charmings feelings about having to give Emma up and his fears about the next baby. Its all happiness & sunshine until 2:02 then it gets downright crazy scary

  2. I love love love love once upon a time it is the bomb it is like the bomb the bomb it is so good I really mean it it's like so like it's just like mind-blowing really good I watching Hulu it's the best show I've ever seen and it continued Eastern the bottom it is the best ever

  3. Regina is like his daughter now (in law one day maybe) because that exact thing happened with the dream and teaching to dance minus the disapperance at the end

  4. Even though this was just a dream, I still really love this Daddy/Daughter moment between them! So cute! Wish we could see more like this.

  5. This show is responsible for so many unrealistic expectations of mine, but this scene created the best one: Wedding Dress Goals one day.

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