17 thoughts on “ORIGINAL Procol Harum – A Whiter Shade Of Pale / Widescreen / LyRiCs (english/deutsch)”

  1. Pas beaucoup de commentaire en français pourtant une superbe époque avec de très belles chansons de superbe slows des années 60 70

  2. I have been listening to this song since I was so young and I love its melody but unfortunately until today I still can’t get what’s this song about. I think the lyric is hard to understand. I hope one day somebody would explain it to me.

  3. J avais 16 ans, mes premières vacances seul au bord de la Méditerranée, que de belles rencontres et de souvenirs sur cette chanson

  4. "If music be the food of love. Then laughter is it's queen. And likewise if behind is in front. Then dirt is, in truth, clean.."

  5. This song just popped in my head this morning. TIME-LIFE cut off the ending in their compilations,so I never heard it before today.

  6. I am 81 years old. The music of the 60s and 70's was in my HUMBLE opinion the best there ever was. With my buds in I can sit and go back to the best of times and my worst. Sobriety date of 1-4-68 gave me the opportunity to enjoy such beautiful memories with my chilren. ❤❤❤

  7. Eu queria muito ter nascido nessa época só tinha músicas lindas.hoje em dia só tem porcaria

  8. OMG,,,whoever who made, created, wrote, arranged this song,,,they must be very brilliant,,,in this case,,,,Procol Harum

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