20 thoughts on “Pale blue eyes – Velvet Underground – Lyrics”

  1. To Me I Think The Only Reason Why This Song Would Be Sad Because It Was Played When Mordecai And Rigby Stopped Being Friends.

  2. The Song Can Be A Tribute To Mordecai And Rigby's Friendship September 7 2010 To November 25 2015

  3. Isn’t it so tragic seeing people who are owed a living but may never get it cause they’re too different

    Isn’t it ironic I could be talking about myself as much I could about everyone else

  4. I'm hear thinking about a very old friend who hung out at Andy Warhol's Manhattan digs in the late '60s. She knew Lou Reed, Nico, David Bowie. Christ does she have stories to tell. Velvet Underground was just very very good.

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