12 thoughts on “‘Peace Sentinel’: Over 1000 soldiers take part in NATO drills in Bulgaria”

  1. Russian Nazi imperialist cry babies. LOL. NATO exists to prevent Ruski colonial expansion. Why is that so hard to understand?

  2. NATO abuses the trust, loyalty and courage of its young fighting men and women not to defend but to threaten and extort. It pretends that it exists to defend freedom and the peace, it hypes every dead or mutilated soldier into a "hero" and it represents opposition to a war as an insult against to them. Wake up boys, you're being used and what did your sacrifice achieve in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and Mogadishu?

  3. The ''western''/Latin/Roman/Vatican occupation of my country Bulgaria. … and the Russian traitors which sell us to Rome at 1989.

  4. I love NATO all running around banging their heads together like some 30s comedy act , saying shit like Excuzaaa do you speaka da English , meanwhile Russia that speaks as one almost telepathically is three moves ahead as usual !

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