10 thoughts on “People From Around The Globe Met For The First Flat Earth Conference (HBO)”

  1. I have skied across Antarctica. if i haven't ended up in a alternate universe i can promise you the Earth doesn't have an "edge" or "distant" land.

  2. this is sad. their entire theory could be disproved by tossing a tennis ball up while riding in a car at any speed.

    according to them the tennis ball would travel back and slam itself to the back of the vehicle.

    why is anyone wasting their time on this? There is an answer and its not hard to figure out.

    vice. get back to vice guide to travel with shane smith and stop peddling this click bait media.

  3. Every person here, if they have a Youtube Account, should also have a Google+ Account, which gives free access to Google Earth. The satellite view of earth. You can zoom out and see for yourself that Earth is clearly a Globe, it's not photoshopped and then you can zoom in on your very own house if you want. You can turn the Earth, and see the stars and galaxies turn appropriately in the background. Impossible to fake. Stupid Flat Earthers.

  4. Finally, we got them all in one place. Where's one of those awesome amazing mass shooters when you need them?
    In one shot (or, a round of ten thousand shots) we could raise the IQ of the planet by a factor of a billion.

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