Peter Diamandis: Bold & Abundant Thinking (Full Presentation)

16 thoughts on “Peter Diamandis: Bold & Abundant Thinking (Full Presentation)”

  1. This is so intimidating when you are not a programmer or an app creator 🙁 WHAT can I give…???

  2. If the sky people are grave enough to say the truth the really hurt to the world , I think the best human for new generation would be amazing people for sure.

  3. What an excellent informative video, definitely food for thought, The world is changing so quickly, as an entrepreneur you need to be thinking whats NEXT.

  4. He said nicely that Money and Technology without the right People is useless! Awesome and live long! Peter Diamandis & Joe Polish! I only admires Bold and you are also wonderful! wish you all a stay long, health life!

  5. This is beautiful! Bravo Peter!
    As a triple Aquarian I’m all about manifesting a Utopian world
    My question is: Will there still be geniuses here on Earth (or even intelligent life) in the coming years with all the brain (and health) destroying toxins in our foods, soils, waters and skies? And what can be done to protect all these newly literate and abundant people (and all of us) from the ravages of the toxins amongst us?

  6. I read that happiness has actually been decreasing over the decades, instead of going up. I'd like to see the data on Diamandis's chart. I would have to disagree with a lot of his assessments of the future.

  7. I love how Peter emphasizes the necessity of failure. So often we are told, even indirectly, that failure is forever. Failure is necessary to have the most powerful success possible. Great video.

  8. That $Billion valuation is extracted from the market. The "market" requires jobs. Jobs are vaporizing. The money comes from human misery. Welcome to the Universal Basic Income, folks. At least until post-scarcity economics.

  9. This is the kind of mindset that I can relate to. It's a challenge to find 'like-minded' individuals or groups, but not impossible. Sometimes we have to simply 'create' the path to personal discovery that our thoughts create our reality.

  10. Exactly! Thanks for sharing!
    Abundance 4 Everyone!
    Let's all work together to help one another! To encourage and to love more and more.

    It's team work that makes the dream work!

    Money is just fuel for the impact!
    Let's change the world!
    Dream bigger and bigger each day!

    Who's ready to take Massive Action!

    Let's go!

    Connect with me if you are ready to change the world. Everyone is special. Let's help everyone on the planet live a purpose-driven life!

    What will you give?
    Nothing too big nor too small. We are all family. We all have a home here!

    What will you give?
    Your time?
    Your money?
    Your skills?
    Your presence?

    Come help us help others!

    Let's Pay It Forward!

    Love. It's all about love!

  11. thanks for the ending, for the knowledge that people are the key is nothing but true in my eyes as i look back in earth's history & my own. Loved the "BOLD" audio book & have written a few books since, with views to help stop a "curse" that stems from perceptions leading to actions; in essence, behavour.

  12. Great to hear the positive view of our future as we can make it – except for monetising the asteroids, which destroys them. Every asteroid, and planet for that matter, in our solar system has an orbital frequency that corresponds by resonance with particular synaptic connections in the brain, and not only the human brain. If this resonance is destroyed, we could lose some human concepts in future generations. And mining companies have never been too choosy when it comes to affecting the environment. Most asteroids are in regular orbits – it is the stable ones they will try to mine. There is a delicate balance in the entire universe, it is not random chaos; and once again, the human species has to rip up that balance.

  13. Everything was great, except for the last statement, "People are the key, until Artificial intelligence." Think about that folks!!

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