12 thoughts on “Pets 101- Mini Donkeys”

  1. I'd like to get a Donkey. Not a miniature. I'm hoping that he'd be a good fit to be a companion for our three horses since not often is it that all three can go out trail riding so one is usually left behind and lonely. But I was also thinking he could be a nice gentle starter to teach basic care and riding to young kids. I've been told to that their also fairly territorial which I sort of like, be kind of like having a guard over our little herd lol Would love to name him Waffle 😛

  2. Some donkeys are very good at League of Legends, though recently they've stayed away from it.

    Also, they can beat Sky Williams in Smash.

  3. No kidding these guys don't like dogs. A man who lives near me owns a few of them and about six dogs. One of them was sent to the vet after getting kicked in the stomach.

  4. I can drink donkey milk because it's close to being similar to human milk. Donkey milk is drank in Chile, as well as some countries.

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