8 thoughts on “Pictures of what you desire and plans to attain”

  1. Good morning from Argentina ,how can i find quality friends ,how can i know the difference between one from others , no one is perfect that is a thing ,so is dificult to me to find quality people at this age , i am 19 years old and im srry for my english .

  2. Women are unhappy because they watch tv and want to be sex and the city whores.
    It’s a Jewish trick.
    Women are hive mind children who are easily mislead and since we let them run the west we are slaves to nightmare whores with no responsibility

  3. Why did our ancient ancestor cave men paint pictures of herds of deer and game on their cave walls where they slept? That was their magic to help them have a successful hunt. The subconscious is a powerful tool!

  4. Always enjoyed high quality steaks and thought that was the bee's knees until I tried the chef's select cuts. Will never go back! Quality over quantity always. As Dad used to say, "Don't go cheap, it will cost you more in the end. Buy the highest quality you can afford, always."

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