17 thoughts on “Polite Conversations 17 – Sam Harris”

  1. It's a shame that Harris's fans seem to have a reputation for being dogmatic and cultish, which I get. I mean Sam Harris was a big influence in my leaving Islam and practicing meditation both of which led to huge improvements in my life, but that shouldn't make me a virulent defender of every position he's ever had.

  2. Eiynah: only people who hate you will assume you support murder if you spoke to a serial killer. Now let me tell you about all the terrible views Rubin and saad support because of who they've spoken too………….

  3. It's unfortunate that Eiynah feels that she has so much in common with Sam. That she believes this neo liberal charlatan has any intellectual honesty or integrity. I guess I do agree that he has a willingness to talk about controversial, or "hard", topics. You know, discussions like he had with Charles Murray. It must have been really difficult for Sam to give that race realist such a softball interview in order for Murray to pedal his bullshit.

  4. Sam Harris came off as completely disingenuous, it's obvious if you invite a bunch of alt lite lunatics over and over again, you are complicit as a supporter of the ideology.

  5. Very good conversation.
    Wow, Sam was not aware of the Satanic Temple and their successes in church state separation.

  6. PJW is like a very slow running clock in that he is correct maybe once every 3 months.

    Now I get to hear from people who believe everything PJW says and from people who think I'm awful for ever agreeing with him.

  7. It's kinda weird to me that people like Sam Harris will say that it's patronizing to Muslims to say that anti-Muslim bigotry would cause Muslims to radicalize and then also agree with Douglas Murray that while clearly nobody wants someone to turn to white supremacy "it's only a matter of time before toxic black identity politics leads to toxic white identity politics".

  8. Sam Harris has integrity. He pisses off the Trumptards majorly and doesn't give a shit about their whining. Always true to reason.

  9. It seems to me, compared to Eiynah Sam is some kind of "regressive left" apologet of christianity.
    Don't get me wrong, I love Sam but he is to soft to Douglas Murray.

  10. Very good conversation. Though it was kind of hilarious to hear the part where Sam was talking about how he would handle a conversation with David Duke – have him on to challenge him – and then for him to produce that lame deferential podcast with that pseudoscientist hack Charles Murray.

  11. Agreed on Rubin, mostly agree on Gad (he's gotten worse lately) and mostly disagree on Murray – but it is disconcerting that he would go to someone like Powell to support his arguments. Powell was a genuine bigot.
    She needs to get off this race thing. Little too much "whataboutism"

  12. I fundamentally disagree with the assertion that 'desired immigrants' are the only option for integrating other cultures into a parent country. I can only speak from an Australian perspective but we have had far better success with immigration and refugees by taking the stance of trying to integrate these foreign cultures into our own than we have has with migration policies that are both selective and focused on assimilating immigrant cultures. Policies such as the "white australia policy", which is an extreme example but does fall on the idea of only taking those we see are the only ones capable of assimilating to our own culture.

    I infer that the above applies to Canada and the US because in this regard it seems that we share similarities being countries that have been built on taking in immigrants or migration. Becoming a fairly stable "melting pot" of cultures.

  13. I was kind of scared to watch this, but you created an amazing discussion, Eiynah. Forced Harris to be a Christian apologist which was hilarious. He needs to do so much more to alienate his alt-right followers and you tried to make him acknowledge that and took him to task on so much. I can't convey my gratitude and respect.

  14. Listening to Sam Harris is like chloroform in audio.
    Its like listening t o an intellectual droning on without the intellectual capacity.

    If you're half listening it seems like a really bright person is speaking but if youre paying attention…

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