Polypore Staking Guide | Method, Strategy & Scams

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  1. Hey hey there's one now where they will have leg armour equipped it blends I. with the background so a quick glance an you might miss it a friend of mine got got hit with it so I always hover my mouse over the diff hear slots to make sure nothing is there that could possibly be missed great guid3 man thx

  2. Doubling down is a great strategy, you're just using wrong numbers. With 100m, you don't want to in @10m. The damage is too big. you want to use ~0.5% of your total wealth when doing this. at that point the doubling down strategy is a slow and steady process that doesn't dig too much of a grave. I've been using this for a long time.

  3. First mistake u did was saying its 50/50. Yea it is before going in cuz both of you guys have same stats and same weapon but after the duel starts and the first hit goes on it changes real quick. If he hits like a 400, youre most likely going to lose and will rarely comeback. Its not 50/50 when you can pretty much see whos probably going to win after the 1st hit…

  4. So i was just doing a poly duel, all the setting were correct like you showed, i forgot to trade him and check inv. Anyway we got into the duel and both our polys were unequipped and we couldn't wield them or attack each other, i forfeited cause idk what else to do, we were outside and i asked him to stake me for free cause he got my forfeit money and he said i got his money and yeah goodfight gp. is this a scam/bug/wtf happened?

  5. I do the doubling strategy. Turned 10m into 422m in two days. Not everyone will be as lucky, I get that.

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