18 thoughts on “Protesting NFL Players Are Cutting Their Own Throats By Killing A Sport That Promotes Patriotism”

  1. You guys want something REAL to protest? Try this…
    In the year 2015, in New York City, more black babies were ABORTED (murdered) THAN WERE BORN. This is BLACK GENOCIDE and you can thank Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, and all those democrats who seem to LOVE abortion so much. No…you are all worked up over statues, confederate flags, and all the other real or imagined grievances that you have. You take the knee, spout your bullshit, and do NOTHING to try and save YOUR OWN UNBORN CHILDREN. Shameful.

  2. If I was the coach, the pregame pep talk would go like this…"You guys are paid to participate in the ENTIRE event today, which includes ALL pregame ceremonies, including STANDING respectfully during our national anthem. If you do not wish to participate in the entire event, please stay behind, change into your civilian clothes, and leave the facility. Your pay will be adjusted accordingly. I WILL NOT allow ANYONE on our team to insult a great portion of our fans, the customers who pay ALL of our salaries, as these actions will assuredly result in fewer fans attending, less revenue for the organization, and will put your relationship with our organization in jeopardy.
    We have no problem with political protest. However, we insist that you partake in any political protest on YOUR OWN TIME, NOT OURS, AND NOT IN OUR FACILITY. The fans are in those seats to see you play FOOTBALL, NOT to witness a political protest because of some grievance that you may have concerning our country. There is a time and place for everything and there are many platforms such as social media to express your views. This is not the time nor the place, and if anyone insists on taking a knee during our national anthem, I will PERSONALLY escort that man off the sidelines and into the locker room myself. You are paid millions of dollars, you are NOT a slave to anyone, and you are free to go at anytime. We are a BUSINESS, you are EMPLOYEES, and you will abide by the rules of the business, or you will be asked to leave our organization. Is that clear? Now, let's go play football, and give our customers the quality product that they paid their hard earned money for."

  3. Come on folks…THINK…what has been the big push in everything…the chemicals in the food & water…the music…the movies…the university click etc.etc. ? The DEMASCULINIZATION of young men & the DISORINTING of young women. Sports has always been a MANS sport and was associated with masculinity…power…challange…VICTORY !!! These are No No concepts today. Little men with squicky voices and feminized clothing. They DON"T go together !!!!!!

  4. I heard a while back the term Americas Team was not exclusive for just the Dallas Cowboys but it was an insider mocking way of saying the NFL and it's owners were all part of the controlling elite secret club that runs America . Is the anti Patriotism garbage in the NFL an attempt get the simple minded to reject patriotism country wide ? If you don't believe you are being brainwashed by all this fake news and anti America anti Trump non-sense you are absolutely brainwashed .

  5. They should do it in their spare time and with their own money if they want. They forget that they are entertainers and their stupid protests are turning people off.

  6. Playing the national anthem started during the First World War as a way to rally the country during the trying times.

  7. I posted a criticism of Michael Bennett on the Seahawks twitter page today and got over 1000 triggered replies. LOL

  8. Standing for the National Anthem is nothing more then showing respect and being thankful for the freedoms we enjoy, paid for by those throughout our country's history that made the ultimate sacrifice. Yes our country has problems but it's still the best country in the world period! So just what is it that these suppressed overpaid spoiled athletes protesting against? I believe it's a BLM thing, are they protesting the over 116,000 black babies that died at the hands of planned parenthood last year? or is it the over 700 black people that where murdered in Chicago last year? I don't think so!

  9. I was willing to listen to kaepernick and his message… when I saw him wear a Castro and che guevara shirt I realized he was clueless. on top of that he said he didn't even vote. . loser

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