17 thoughts on “Reiki for Abundant Prosperity from Lourdes”

  1. Thank you Lourdes for so much love! I know this is an old video; but I can still feel the love and energy you share with us. Blessings!

  2. interesting! After doing three of these sessions, a friend rang up, invited me to go for a drive around the countryside. She also invited me to a beautiful lunch at a restaurant by the ocean, here in Italy. And then drove me to a sacred place with a beautiful statue of the madonna of compassion. Where I could say my prayers. Then she invited me to stay with her, she has a bed and breakfast But she offered me a small apartment and said I could come stay when ever I wanted, and was to boot, disappointed I could not come stay. That was just plain amazing!

  3. Thank you so much! I sure appreciate you and your videos. I notice when I continually work with your videos things get better

  4. What you try to send to me is unclear. If Reiki is everywhere then it is here now and also in me, then what part of Reiki is that you send to us is a little unclear.

  5. mam if i jst start the video n accept the energy n keep doing my regular work is it ok or is it necessary to view entire video at stretch and not do anything in between?

  6. hi lourdes. you are so positive. I can feel the positivity by only looking at you. and I love the work you have done so far. it's a request if you can provide a reikhi for connecting the soul to peace and universal love. so that people can be more human with empathy for all living beings.

  7. Thank u very much for your healing videos. They are needed and loved. You will be blessed for your free healing. I am in need of a lot of healing for many things so I pray these videos work.

  8. WOW … I CAN FEEL THE BLESSING COMING IN MY LIFE VERY SOON … thank you sister this is blessing …

  9. Thanks for the video, very strong but like half way I had a negative thought, is it okay, should I start over, what to do.

  10. I think I love 😀 if you be in Israel could be nice to meat you 😀  kisssssssssssssss and blessings ………….YES I LOVE :DDDDD

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