15 thoughts on “Removal of Cyst on Neck”

  1. I too sensed something so sad about this woman's life. I read the comments and found I wasn't alone in how I felt, and I also wasn't alone in feeling compelled to reach out to this lady. To want to just sit and watch t.v. with my sweet Gramma while I still have her. Whatever it is that seems to haunt us about her, I pray and send loving, healing vibes in hopes they will find her. ♡

  2. can a neck cyst develop overnight…i woke up with a huge red bump..ive been getting little ones on my neck recently but they go away. this one hurts. i cant tell if its a spider bite or a cyst. if it doesnt go away im guna go to the dr.

  3. I have one of those cysts on my neck,I researched it so I would know what they will do to me,I just want the cyst gone

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