(REUPLOAD) Gun Laws on Indian Reservations – The Legal Brief!

14 thoughts on “(REUPLOAD) Gun Laws on Indian Reservations – The Legal Brief!”

  1. Here's a question Adam… If your passing thru reservation on public road, federal or state maintained do the reservation laws apply?

  2. After 10 years of being an over-the-road truck driver I've been to almost all of the Indian reservations in the United States and I can personally tell you as a CCW holder that if you're not acting crazy and you are being respectful you will not have any problems.

  3. I avoid California whenever I can, unless visiting family. That eliminates the bulk of the problem.

  4. Anytime you see a arrowhead sine next to the USA hi-way sine your in the Indian reservation

  5. I done falls at the Grand Canyon before get hike bring a good camera and try and make it to the National Park Area sleep much safer. Let me know when you goin I send my number just in case anything happens! And not sure you used to be able to apply and get a permit from chief double down to bring your gun into parks

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