Riven’s Current Balance | My Life/College | Tuesday Talk Episode 3!

16 thoughts on “Riven’s Current Balance | My Life/College | Tuesday Talk Episode 3!”

  1. pls do coaching
    pls analysis a pro game
    pls make a video about match ups in the botlane
    really wanne learn from you

  2. well isnt camille an op champ on top lane as well? I ALWAYS have a hard matchup against her with everything even if she isnt good. I have to admit here that i am not even ranked so i am no pro player. But at least you showed me how to destroy with riven so yesterday i finally got her to mastery lv 6… Thanks a lot. Maybe you could tell your opinion of the most op or your most hated champs next time

  3. galio's rework
    bugs in the game like creepblock

    how can riot deal with trolls/toxic players/inters more effectively

  4. 1: your idea of a riven rework
    2: what do you think its keeping your from getting masters?
    3:who do you think is going to win worlds this year ?

  5. 1. Will you do lee sin tips and tricks for beginners
    2. Builds for lee sin
    3. Carry me it of bronze 😛

  6. Hello Exil, i would like to know what do you think that could be nerfed on riven, maybe put her ult some way that whenever she throws the slash the ult cancels and her blade becomes normal again, or maybe less stun time? Hugs from Brazil 🙂

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